Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday - the Day of Repair


We really took advantage of being at "sea level"  I'm sure we're not but close enough.  We didn't get out of bed till 8:00 mountain time.  It felt so good just to be where we could breathe and not feel the RV rockin and rollin.  

The mechanics  showed up just as we were getting up and around.  I had to hurry and get dressed and  Joe had to close everything up so they could drive it over to the garage and check it out. 

The generator/alternator  was really fried.  We have to get a new one which they ordered for us.  Now we have to wait for it to come in. 

While the motor home was being worked on we could stay in their waiting room.  There was a little kitchenette there, they had 2 coffee pots going, and there was a television with a WII.  All the comforts of  home.  Joe found the coffee, I found the teeny beanies jelly beans - yum.

I worked some more on the blogs and getting them posted.  I am getting better at this blogging.  By the time I finish I might be an expert ha ha.

I just want to say that the people we have met through this whole ordeal have been extremely kind and helpful.

There was the couple that took me to the emergency phone.   They stayed with me while I called for help and then they took me back to the motor home so we could help Joe.  They stayed with us till we were able to deal with everything.  There were passing cars stopping to offer assistance.  The state police from Montana were helpful and supportive.  There was a wrecker that came with the state police who offered his assistance.  He was kind and helpful but his wrecker was just for cars. 

The huge wrecker that came that night was even helpful (at the time we didn't think so).  He and Joe talked and decided it wasn't a good idea to drive it off the mountain because it could start a fire. We decided that it was a good thing that he never came back to get us because his truck just was not big enough. Even though it was for larger trucks. 

The Hanser people were very kind.  They were so helpful.  Mr. Hanser  the owner greeted us the next day when the motor home came over to be checked out and fixed.  He told us that it was his son that came to get us.  The office people worked very hard getting all the paperwork in order so that it was a smooth ending.   With everything that they did for us we are eternally grateful to all of them. 

They had the motor home all fixed up and ready to go by mid afternoon.   Thank you all very much! It was a pleasure meeting all of you - it would have been much better under different circumstances.


 This a picture of our home getting fixed in the garage

 Here is where we are parked and below are some of Hanser's Towing Service.

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