Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, off to Yellowstone - Again!


Here we go again, folks.  We left Billings, MT about 7:30 this morning. Needless to say we did not go over Beartooth Pass again.  We pretty much followed the same route till we hit 310 and followed that to Chief Joseph Scenic Highway and followed that to the other side of Beartooth Pass and to Cooke City MT and on to Yellowstone National Park.

Part of the highway we were on was coming down off the mountain.  It was a lot of twists and turns and up and down hills.  It was kind of scary for me. The motor home was acting the same way it was before so I guess it was normal for all those hills.   

We are camped at Mammoth campground and are settled in.  Our hope is to stay after the weekend when the park will be less congested.  Then we will get to enjoy all the sights.

We already saw buffalo and elk and deer.  The deer here have big ears and are more grey than tan. 

We went to Gardiner MT for supper and more importantly we did laundry.  The dinner was good and doing laundry was fun and expensive.  The other ladies and I decided it would be cheaper to go out and buy clothes and just discard the dirty ones.  Joe didn't think that was funny.  He got out voted by the women. 
I could not upload the pictures to the blog so I posted them  to facebook - sorry.

We are in for the night.  Good night.


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