Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exploring Grand Tetons

Friday we took different roads and explored the country side.  There were a lot of fall and it was yellow.  There were evergreens and yellow - birch trees.  that is the only tree I see here. 

We did that in the morning then we had lunch at Colter Bay Restaurant.  That was pretty much our day.

Saturday we went to see if we could get some pictures of the mountain range.  Everything was so smoky from the forest fires that it was hard to see far distances.  We got good pictures and drove and took side roads - one up signal mountain.  It was very high.  I did get some pictures of the mountain range

We had lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge (my treat). Joe had the Bivouac Turkey Croissant and I had a Chef's Salad. they were both very good. 

We came back to the motor home and Joe took a nap and I read my Kindle.  Then about supper time we went exploring Colter Bay.  We drive around the campgrounds  Then we drove down to the bay.  there were mountain across the  water.  The sun was just setting behind the mountains so we waited and I took more pictures.

We were just  getting ready to close up for the night when we saw deer right outside the motor home. It was so exciting.  I could stand in the doorway and take their pictures. 

Sunday is our last day.  We need to be gone by 11:00.  So now we tear down and dump.  The campground has free dumping and water so we are good.  The campground is closing for the season. 

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