Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday - Our Day on the Mountain


What can you do on a Sunday with nothing to do but watch the grass blow in the wind.  We had to wait till Monday for the wrecker to come back again.  We had all day Sunday to just sit and wait. 

We have no cell phone access, no internet access but we did have satellite access.  So we could watch television.  We could watch all the cars go by.  Some stopped to take pictures.  You can see for miles and miles.  I read my book, played some games on the computer, made egg and tuna salad and watched the cars as they traveled back and forth on the switch backs.  You can see them for miles and miles too.

I also caught up on my blogging.  I wrote our experiences in Word so now when we get internet access again I can just copy them into my blog.  Joe got to watch some tennis but not as much as he wanted to.

We also got to talk about the night before and the fear we both had.  I was so frightened that I could not go to bed that night.  All I could think of was the RV just running away.  Joe even went out and put rocks at the wheels to help make me feel better.  He is such a good man, he stayed with me.  I sat in the chair ( I wanted to be close to the door just in case) and he slept on the most uncomfortable couch.  Finally about 4:00 I agreed to go to bed.  I was up at 6.

Sunday - probably because it was daylight - I felt much better and Sunday night it was ok for me to go to bed.

The wind here is something else.  It literally rocks the motor home. I know the wind has to be really strong to tip something as big at this but the thought is still there.  We figured the wind must have blowing at least 30 mph.  We couldn't even open or close the door to the motor home without a struggle.

It was pretty much a lazy day if it weren't for our position. 

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