Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday - Battery is charged

Boy do I need an extra battery for my camera.  There was so much I missed on Monday.  There was a coyote walking along the side of the road. There were a herd of bison in a plain down over a cliff and the scenery everywhere was just asking to have a picture taken.

We went back to YNP's version of the Grand Canyon which was one of the things I didn't get the first time around.  The pictures will be on FB.  The rock formations and the colors were just fabulous!  I took a lot of picture - I'm sure they will not do it justice. 

On the way back to the campground we had to go through some construction.  They were resurfacing the road and another place they were working on the cliffs.  We stopped to see the petrified tree and then we took a 6mi. back road which was dirt and had not seen a grader in a few years.  A perfect one for the jeep. We saw lots of rolling hills and the west's version of fall.  We also saw some big horned sheep.  I had to change lenses to get any pictures and by that time they had run over the hill.  They are very shy.  Not like the elk or the buffalo. 

The elk just wander anywhere they want.  They were in Mammoth village one day just lying around in the grass all around the building and they were here in the campground.  the bull elk just lays in the grass and his harem is all around him.  He is quite majestic with his big rack of horns. 

We did not see any bear on moose while we were here.

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