Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Now we are waiting for the wrecker to show up.  Joe does not want to wait another day on this mountain.  I don't blame him I want to be off this mountain too - enough is enough.  He waited till 11:30 for them to show up and decided to go see what was the hold up.  He is also going to call the kids to let them know we are alright.  We usually talk to at least one of them a day and it has been 2 days since there was any communication.

Most of the day for me was spent waiting for him to get back.  So I read my Kindle, worked on my blogging, played games on the computer and sat in the Captain's chair and watched the mountain.  There were birds just soaring with the wind.  They would soar on the wind then they would close their wings and make a dive.  They wouldn't necessarily go after anything.  It was like they were playing. I tried to get a picture of one but it was too far away.  There was a small lake that looked like it was a big ocean.  There seemed to be a gap at the far end of the lake and you could see waves going across.  It was really cool to watch.  All of that was happening because of the wild wind. 

In the morning you can watch the sun rise by watching the landscape.  You can see the shadows move as the sun hits the rocks.

There are a lot of cars that drive by.  A lot stop to take pictures and you can watch them for a long time as they traverse the roads.  As cold as it is there were a lot of motorcycles going up and down the mountain.  We pretty much had a bird's eye view from where we were.

Joe got back about 4:00 in the afternoon.  He was not a happy camper.  He talked to the guy who was supposed to come and get us and he said he wasn't coming and that he called Billings Montana to have the wrecker from there come get us.  He said he called them Sat. night.  So Joe called and wanted them to come and get us and they said that AAA had to call them if we wanted them to foot the bill.  So Joe called AAA and they said it would be about an hour.  Hhe called at about 1:00 So he hurried back because he thought they would be here when he got here. So we waited some more.  They never came. 

After some discussion, it was decide that I would go to Red Lodge - back the way we came - hoping to run into the wrecker - to call and find out what happened.  After being on this mountain and knowing what it was like driving up to where we were. What with all the vistas, and DROPS, I could not look at it any more so I just kept my eyes on the road and didn't look.  I did drive slow and carefully down the mountain. 

I finally got a cell signal and called Lois to let her know what was going on.  I also asked her to call her sisters to let them know.  I wanted to conserve my cell phone to call the wrecker. 

I got to a gas station, told my plight to the girl behind the counter and she gave me the phone book so I could look up the number.  When I reached the Wrecker Company they told me they were waiting for AAA to call them back.  Apparently they had called for a price and then never called back.  They couldn't get a hold of us because we didn't have any cell service.  So it all got stalled.  The girl I talked to told me if we wanted to pay for the tow they could come out to get us.  I said I would call her back.  We were talking big money.  I finally called her back and said that we would pay for it.  We needed to get off that mountain. 

I finally got back to the motor home - it was almost dark.  I told him what happened and we had to spend one more night on that mountain.

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