Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Medora Musical



If I had a brain I would be dangerous.  Saturday night we went to the Medora Musical and I forgot my camera. So I will do my best to describe it.

 There was a "steak fondue" and buffet before the show They gave us these metal sectioned off trays for our food and we would all be in a line to go to the buffet. The buffet consisted of fresh veggies like carrots,  cherry tomatoes and broccoli with a ranch dressing.  There were baked beans and baked potatoes too.  Pretty much a nice country buffet. 

The interesting part was the steak fondue.  There were 5 vats of hot oil along the wall.  These vats were about the size of big oil drums.  Then there were all these pitchforks leaning against the railing.  They took the pitchforks and skewered about 8 steaks on each of them and leaned them against the railing.  They prepared the steaks first so you are seeing all these pitchforks with raw steaks skewered on them and all leaning against the railing.   Then they would stick a pitchfork into the vat of oil and cook the steaks and then they would be served to the people in line.   Never saw anything like it. 

Then we had water and desert which consisted of cinnamon donuts and chocolate cake.  It was all a lot of fun.

After you finished your dinner you had time to wander around and see the land and canyons and you could look down in this canyon and see the stage and the theater seats.  There was not a bad seat anywhere.  Our seats were just perfect.  Not so close  that we  couldn't see everything and high enough so that we were just above the stage.  It was a wonderful show

The musical show consisted of a group of singers and dancers who told the story of Theodore Roosevelt and how he thought he would never have been president but for his experiences in the Badlands of North Dakota.  It was all outdoors right in the badlands.  It even had live horses in it.  It was a lot of fun.

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