Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 Today was the day.  WE WERE GETTING OFF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!  I cooked breakfast and did up the dishes.  We got ourselves ready and we tried to get everything put away as best we could.  We were probably ready by 8:00 in the morning.  Now all we had to do was wait. 

When I talked to the girl at Hanser's we figured they would leave first thing in the morning and they would probably get there about noon time.  So we had all morning to wait.  We double checked to be sure everything was battened down so nothing would break. 

Morning came and went and no tow truck.  Here we were thinking we were finally getting of that windy, cold mountain and no one was there.  It really was tough to take.  We pretty much were thinking we were not going to get off this place.  It was very scary.  Joe decided to go back to the emergency phone at talk to them again.  They were shocked that we were still there.  Since we were in Wyoming, they called the Wyoming State Police.  They said they would take care of it.  So we waited some more.  We just decided that whoever gets there first was the one to get us off the mountain.  So we waited some more.

I tried to suggest that he take a nap but he couldn't sleep so he sat in the chair and dozed.  I sat in the captain's chair and just read my book.  I watched as some people on Bicycles went by and was amazed because if the steepness of the roadways.  These were not young men either. I went back to my reading and just  waited.

A little while later I looked up again and there was this strange truck in front of us.  It said Hanser's on it so I called Joe to say we had company and then I saw the wrecker coming up the road.  We were so happy to finally see someone there to help us.  The relief was overwhelming.  We were finally going to get down off the mountain. 

They got everything done that needed to be done to hook us up and we were really on our way!  We followed them in the jeep down off that mountain.  It was a slow process because of the twists and turns and because we  were so long.  There was a pilot car ahead of us to stop traffic on the sharp bends so we could take both lanes to go around them.  It was a slow, slow process.

The wrecker got there about 2:30 in the afternoon and we left there about 4:00 to head back to Billings.  We got to Billings Montana about 9:00 that night.  The pilot car and we had to stop for gas and the wrecker went on.  When we got back on the road we followed the pilot car.  We never caught up to the wrecker till we hit the exit to get off for the place we were staying.  They had a place to park the motor home where we could set up for the night.  We could let out our slides and we  were comfortable for the night.

It was so wonderful to be able to open it up because we never had it open all the while we were on the mountain. 

It just felt good for both us to be able to breathe.  On the mountain at almost 11,000 feet the air was thin enough that we had to light the stove with a match because there wasn't enough oxygen to light it.  All our containers that we used are sucked in because now we are down to a lower elevation. 

We finally made it off the mountain.  I cannot say it enough!

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