Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye Yellowstone - Hello Grand Tetons


We left YNP in the morning and had to go through Mammoth Hot Springs village to head for the Grand Tetons.  We got just as far as the village and were stopped because the elk were on both sides of the road and in the road.  The bull elk made his sound and all the females turned to look at him (picture on FB). They eventually crossed the road so that the females were on one side of the road and the bull was on the other side of the road.  The rangers had traffic stopped so that no one would hit them or they would run over a car.  They are big and in Yellowstone they are not afraid of people or vehicles. 

The first part of the ride was a little hairy because of the narrow roads and of course the up and down and all around  the roads go.  We also got to see some of the sights we saw the first time around like Norris Geysers and the road that leads to Old Faithful.  You could see steam going up along the side of the road.    It is quite  a sight.  It makes one think of volcanoes and earth's crust and all the other stuff that shakes up the world.

Once we got to the lower half of Yellowstone the roads were a little wider and I felt more comfortable riding in the motor home.  When you leave YNP, it is only 8 miles to Grand Teton National Park.   So we drove about 100 mi.    We are at Colter Village where we are staying for free thanks to our Golden Age Pass.  We are dry docked again, but that is ok. We could have full hookups for $50.00 a night.  No thanks.  We will stay here till Sunday because that is the last day they are open.

We got setup with no hitches.  We (Joe) are getting real good at tearing down and setting up.  I do help with the slides.  I yell vanity out when he says he is putting it out.  Then the bed goes out and I confirm that it is out and so on.  I also get in the Jeep while he unhooks it and then I move it to a better place - out of the way.  We unhook the jeep first then set the levelers so the RV doesn't rock while someone is walking or sitting down.  Then the 4 slides come out.  Then we take the locks of the cabinet doors and take the bungee cord off the fridge so we can open the doors.  For a while it looks neat because we had to make sure everything was put away before we move.

We went to Jackson Lake Lodge for supper.  We both had a Bivouac Turkey Croissant.  It was very good. 
 We then decided to drive a dirt road (4 wheel drive required) along the Snake River.  It was about 17 mi. long.  We thought since it was later in the afternoon that we might see some animals.  No such luck but there was a lot of beautiful scenery (I got pics).  It took us to about 9:00 to get back home.  It was scary with lots of deep ruts and rocky road and cliffs and a lot of flat area where you could see for miles.  We did a lot of bouncing around - the jeep took it all.  We forgot to take the spare tire for the motor home off the back of the jeep so we did some bottoming out.  Steph,  it held nicely.  You and Grampy do good work.



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