Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mall of America

This is  what I see as we are riding down the road.  I took this picture this morning after we got on the road.  This is a very common site,

Here is luxury driving.  How's that for driving down the road?  Joe drives almost all day long so he needs comfort.  The seat is adjustable so he can raise it, lower it, and he can do just about anything to make himself comfortable. I am not going to ever drive a "bus".
It was rainy and foggy this morning.  The roads were a little wet.  We thought we were  going to have a lot of rain; but we slowly drove out of it. 

We drove the rest of the way across Wisconsin and into Minnessota.  We rrealized that the Mall of America was here so we called Joe's brother-in-law to find out where it was.  Found out it was in Minneapolis.  Since we were past that we had to turn around and go back - which we did. 

We found a huge parking area accross from the mall that was empty and thought it would be a good idea to stay overnight so we could spend more time there.  There was so much to see.  We tried to get permission but were refused.  Needless to say we spent half a day there and then went on our way. 

Mall of America opened up in 1992.  I remember reading a piece about it and thought it would be a great place to visit.  I am so glad we made the effort.

The place has 4 levels to it.  All kinds of food imaginable and stores I never heard of.  they did not have J Jill but when I wentt walking around I found a sign that said they would be there in the fall of this year.  There is an amusement park in the center of the mall with rides galore.  We watched the ferris wheel go round and the merry-go-round with little babies. They were having a great time.  The ferris wheel is suspended in the air above the entrance to the play area.

Then there were the Legos.  Lots and lots of legos,  There were all kinds of "work" stations with containers of legos where the kids could put together anything they wanted to.  We just had a great time watching and walking through the mall.  All these pictures of characters are Legos.  They were so cool!

We finally got back on the road just before rush hour to head back west again.  We are now on Rt 94 (still) just before exit 67. We stopped and shut off the engine.  You know how after you have driven for a long time and you just stretch and get all the kinks out.  Well Joe was doing that and said that he was glad we were done for the night.  Well, I said that I agreed and I was the one doing all the stretching and twisting.  Joe just looks at me and I start laughing,  He was wondering why I was doing all the stretching when he was doing all the driving.  (it was funny in the processz).

We are in for the night. 

Sorry for the screw-ups, I am still getting the hang of this.

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