Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday Hang-out

Tuesday we decided to get the hydro-hot fixed on the motor home.  We called Camping World in Draper UT to see if we could get an appointment to get it fixed.  Unfortunately they are not authorized to work on hydro-hots but suggested we call Camping World in Kaysville.  They gave us an appointment for Thursday.  So we hung out in the motor home.

Monday night we had dinner at Jessica's and Troy's and had a great time.  We had steak that Troy grilled and a great salad with roasted pecans, goat cheese and figs - great!

I found out there is some factory outlet stores near where we were - oh what fun!!  So Jessica came on Tuesday to pick me up and we went shopping.  Troy and Joe went to feed Jessica's parents dogs and we made plans to meet later to have dinner. 

The shopping was great fun.  There just was not enough time.  No shoe shopping - so sad (but Joe is so happy - no new shoes).  There was Cold Water Creek, Ann Taylor, Nike, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer and much more.  It was sad we didn't have enough time to go to all the stores.  I got some neat stuff though.

We then went to a Whole Foods store to find supplements that I was out of.  Then met Joe and Troy at this neat restaurant that I cannot remember the name of.  It was really nice and we had a great time. 

Then Jessica drove Joe and me back to the motor home while Troy took their dog and went home.  I had such a great time shopping with Jessica. 

Wednesday we decided since we had to be in Kaysville first thing in the morning that maybe we needed to leave and be there since we were going to be first in line for service.  So we went on line and got directions and made our way here.  We are able to stay at Camping World while we are going to be serviced. 

We are parked,  we have electricity but that is all.  All the spots for full hook-ups are taken.  We have to be up early and ready to get in line for service. 

GPS' are supposed to be wonderful things.  They get you from place to place pretty much without a hitch.  Well here in Kaysville the GPS is dumb, dumb. All we wanted to do was go to a restaurant and have supper.  So we looked up restaurants on the GPS and picked a restaurant and said GO.  It told us to turn here, turn there and guess where we end up.  In a cul-de-sac.  We try to go a different way and it keeps telling us to turn around to go back the way we came.  We finally get to a street that the GPS recognizes and it tells us where to go - but there is no restaurant where it told us to go.  So we go around again with another restaurant and it pretty much tells us to go to the same place but still no restaurant.  We just decided to find one on our own and found a great one called Cantina Southwestern Grill.  It was great southwestern good with a salsa bar with different salsas.  There were really hot ones to extremely mild ones. It was very good.

We are back at the motor home and in for the night.

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