Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday - Another Easy Day

We pretty much planned not to wander around the park on the  weekend.  It was time for us to unwind from driving and get ourselves situated with the motor home and our area. 

The campgrounds are very nice.  The camp site are nicely spaced.  You can pull in and pull out when you are ready to leave.  We just happen to be at the beginning of the area and have to drive through the whole campground to get out.  That is fine with the jeep but we had to move the motor home on Sunday to get fuel and water.  We scraped a couple of trees on the way out.  Lesson learned - NO shortcuts!!

There are people here with everything from tents to 5th wheels to motor homes like ours.  The people are very friendly.  One couple noticed our solar panels on the top of our RV and was interested.  Then we met a young couple camped in the spot ahead of us.  They were very nice. They were in a tent.  It was in the 40's and 50's at night.  They only stayed one night. 

We are camped at the north end of the park at Mammoth Springs.  There is a town called Gardiner that is about 5 mi. from here.  We went there to do laundry and we had a couple of meal there.  It is strictly a tourist town and for people who work in the park.

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