Thursday, September 6, 2012

Roosevelt National Park and Beyond

This is what we saw first thing this morning.  It promised to be a beautiful day and it was.  We were up at about 6:00.  Joe had breakfast and then he did up the dishes while I got myself ready to get back on the road again.

Am I boring  you yet?  If I weren't taking the pictures I would have been sleeping!  This is the scenery was what we saw for most of the trip across North Dakota.  The only change was some ponds and sometimes a curve in the road.
This was a "scenic" overlook.  It was a pull-off to look at the lake.  We stopped so I could take a picture.
If you can see Joe, he is waiting "patiently" for me.  I'm so glad he loves me.
Here I am doing my "job".  Watching the road and keeping track of where we are on the Atlas.  I have to keep Joe on track.  My co-pilot seat is a little cushier than Joe's - I have a foot rest so my feet are up.  Oh such luxury!! 
Of course we have to fuel up each day so we can "dry dock" at night.  That means we are self contained and need the generator.  If there is not enough fuel the generator will not work because we would need the fuel to get to the next station to fill up.  So, there he is getting us fuel.  He's a good guy!
When we got off the exit for Medora we found this.  Well actually we found the entrance to part of the park.  This is called the Painted Canyon.  This buffalo was resting on the median strip as you drive in to the parking area.  He stayed there all the time we visited the canyon - maybe half an hour.
This is what we saw at the Painted canyon.  The colors were beautiful. The scenery was just beautiful.


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