Tuesday, September 25, 2012

End of our stay at YNP

Last night we went to Gardiner for supper and on the way we saw elk and big horned sheep. I did not have my camera. So now it will be "Have Camera Will Travel." I will not leave home without it! It was a lesson learned.

Today was the last day for Yellowstone.  We are getting ready to head out for the Grand Tetons.  We went to town to do laundry.  We cannot do it in the motor home because we are not hooked up to water.  Our stay here was strictly a dry-dock.  No water, no electricity and no sewage.  But it was cheap and right in the park.  It worked out well.  New experiences.

I did a little house cleaning and Joe checked the oil in the engine.  He also made soup for the trip.  We will hook up the jeep and batten down inside so things don't go flying as we are driving down the road.

Closet doors locked - check
All drawers closed - Check
Both sliding doors locked - check
and so on and so on.

We usually forget something and I am up while the motor home is moving to take care of it.  I am getting good at balancing while we are moving.

We will close the slides and lift the levelers in the morning.  We don't have to be out of here until noon time.

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